4 Vintage Benjamin Double Light Socket Parts


MORE GOOD PARTS FOR THE LAMPERS. 4 Vintage BENJAMIN DOUBLE LIGHT SOCKET PARTS. See pictures. Good condition, all the chain pulls work and sound good, light socket parts are good - we tried with a light bulb. They have 2 caps, one shows some dents. There are a couple of splits on the top ring parts. The 2 without the long rods have patent dates. Porcelain parts are good, no cracks or breaks except a few chips on the inside. $175 for all.

The Benjamin MFG. Co. Incorporated in 1901. They started in Chicago with their new line of wireless clusters early in 1902, and by 1905, they expanded their operation to New York and San Francisco. Benjamin was the forerunner of this new type of industrial lighting, which played a big part in causing industrial ARC lighting to become a thing of the past. ARC street lighting stayed around for a little over a decade, but stores, professional buildings and factories began moving towards this simple new type of reflective lighting.

As electrical codes changed and buildings needed to update their lighting, Benjamin was right on top of things with these new easy to install wireless clusters and fixtures. Benjamin had attracted many jobbers and contractors and word of mouth traveled fast. By 1905 Benjamin had many major contracts and supplied their clusters and reflectors to many major cities. With little competition in these early years (1902-1909), Benjamin moved forward and made it's dent in lighting history.